Testimonial: Farnaz S. San Diego, CA

“I’ve been doing yoga for almost 15 years now and I’ve tried so many different classes in different cities. This yoga studio is my favorite one so far. The instructor pays special attention to every single person and chances of doing something wrong with your poses is 0! There is meditation sessions once a week and also a few different yoga methods to match your preferences. At the end you will get the best part of your day which is a special touch on your hands and heads along with amazing essential oils which takes you back to the Buddha Garden!”

Testimonial: Roberto H. Santee, CA

I met BB by chance and she talked me into going to her class. It was truly my lucky day! Prior to going I ached every morning,(and day), had to sit on the steps to put on my shoes, in short, I was a pathetic mess. Her classes have truly GREATLY improved my health and flexibility in less than 6 months! The classes are small and we get a lot of individual attention and she takes times to properly correct our positioning and just as importantly, she has us hold the positions for proper “stretching.” Her prices a classes can’t be beat, honestly! 5 stars absolutely!!!

Testimonial: Paulette M. ,San Diego, CA

BB brings a deep commitment to the practice of yoga. Her spirituality is beautifully expressed and she’s an attentive teacher who watches each student carefully to ensure that they are in the correct pose. I’m lucky to have found her right here in my community of Scripps Ranch!

Testimonial: Karen K. ,San Diego, CA

BB has been a joy and a blessing in my life and my sons life. This is my sons 1st time doing yoga and Benny has shown us the BB of Yoga. What I love about BB is how she does her best to guide you, support you, adjust you when you need it (and I need that a lot) , stretches you and gives you confidence in yourself to go further than you think.

Testimonial: Ritchie B. Carlsbad, CA

I live locally and being able to come to a local yoga study in my neighborhood is amazing. Iyoga is definitely a place to relax and the instructor is amazing and very peaceful.